Come for a meal of Banh Xeo at the Duck Stop – enjoy our fresh farm food and a drink and we will include our farm experience for free! 

You could choose to plough the fields, feed and bath the baby buffalo, ride our huge male buffalo and be part of the famous Duck Stop Duck Leader Experience. We will show you what we grow on our farm and how we  grow our crops! 

RIde a buffalo

Take a ride on a huge buffalo through the rice paddies and get some great photo opportunities - he is strong, very strong!

Be a Duck Leader

The Duck Experience at the Duck Stop unique! It is a lot of fun for the whole family, feeding and playing with the ducks.

Eat or make delicious Vietnamese Pancakes

Learn how to make them or just enjoy eating them! These amazing Banh Xeo are our specialty

Vietnamese Farm Secrets

Rice Farming

Hands on experience growing rice from paddy to table and the intricate traditions of rural Vietnamese rice farming

Farming the famous Phong Nha Pepper

Delve in to the mysteries of the symbiotic relationships in the growing of the exceptional Phong Nha Black Pepper

Peanuts, groundnuts, monkey nuts - we show you how they grow

Whatever you call them, we will show you the art of growing peanuts the traditional Vietnamese way

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Getting there...

The Duck Stop is in Bong Lai Valley, just off the Ho Chi Minh Road. We are 8km from the centre of Phong Nha, making it an easy cycle or motorbike ride. The Duck Stop is accessible by car if you choose to travel in style or for more of an adventure, your can arrive by boat on the river. Please contact us if you would like more information about the boat or to book a car.  

Our Family is here to look after you

What people say about the Duck Stop

This was one of the highlights of our trip to Vietnam. Feeding the ducks was hilarious and hopping on the back of a water buffalo called Donald Trump is not something you do everyday! Food they served us afterwards was some of the nicest I've ever had too.

"Highlight of our trip"

I absolutely loved the duck stop. We arrived and was greeted by a very welcoming family and offered a traditional snack they ate. We then got taken to duck heaven where we became duck leaders and I have honestly never laughed so much in my entire life. After that was over I went along and rode a buffalo along the rice fields which was a once in a lifetime experience. If you have time to go then this is a must in Phong Nha.

"favourite place in the whole of Vietnam"

 Everyone there was adorable, friendly and inquisitive.The duck foot massage isnt something that can be described only felt if you can handle it, the food was delicious and worth the bumpy ride down the path. Would recommend!

"Hillarious and tasty food"

About us

Quynh had a dream, a dream of showing visitors to Phong Nha about his life, his ducks and his farm. From a young age he spoke to the occasional tourist as they passed by on the way to the Pub with Cold Beer in the hope of improving his English. At 16 he started showing tourists around the farm and letting them feed the ducks while his mother served cold beer and fresh peanuts. Just a few years later and the Duck Stop is the #1 attraction in Phong Nha on Tripadvisor, a well earned accolade for a humble farming family that want to share the joys and beauty of their simple life in Bong Lai with the wider world. 

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